Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide

Scuba Diving Liveaboards, Daytrips & PADI Courses in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide
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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide

Main points of interest

Saladan Town

Situated at the north end of Koh Lanta Yai, Ban Saladan is the main town on the island where you will find banks, travel agencies, supermarkets, restaurants and dive shops. It is also where both the car and passenger ferries dock from Krabi, Phuket and Koh Phi Phi are located. Ban Saladan extends several hundred meters, and is steadily growing from essentially one main street with a few side streets.

Wandering these streets, you will find a growing number of stores selling clothing and souvenirs, restaurants, and coffee shops. In the evening, Saladan can provide some of the best seafood restaurants on the island.

The "old town" of Koh Lanta:
the "Sea Gypsies"

The Old town of Lanta is a traditional fishing village on the south eastern side of the island, and is certainly not to be missed. Here, you will find the traditional wooden homes of the local fishing community, as well as local handicrafts for sale. To find the village, simply take the main island road south – the best idea is to rent a motorcycle, as you can then take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way.


There is so much to see – mangrove forests, rice fields, pink shrimp farms, and exceptional views of the southern islands of the archipelago. Flora and Fauna are abundant; it is not uncommon to come across an iguana or two, sunbathing in the middle of the road, monkey looking for food, or elephants being taken for a walk! A visit of this part of the island will give you a taste of "real" life within a local Thai community. Be careful of course to respect the privacy of the locals, and ask permission before taking any photos.

These people will welcome you to their village, but are often very shy when faced with strangers. All the same, you will definitely learn a lot about their culture during your visit.

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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide

Going out in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide


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- Bar Racuda
The only real bar in the main town of Saladan, this small bar overlooks the town (it is just above Lanta Scuba) and is ran by Adam and Louisa and serves great cocktails and bar food.

- The Ozone Bar
A bar situated on Long Beach, close to the Resort "Somewhere Else". Thursday night is their big night but the beach bar is open every night of the week. A very friendly place with a mellow ambiance and DJs some nights. Closes at 2am.

- Klapa Klum Bar
Situated on Long beach but easily accessible from the main road (look for the signs just before the dual carriageway on your way to Saladan. Great place to chill out and watch the sun go down. Regular party nights with the bar open till you go home!

- The Irish Embassy
A favourite of many of the diving staff on the island, pretty much every night is a good night at The Irish. Most of the big sports matches are shown here to usually a large crowd. Located on the main road, in the middle of Long Beach, this seemingly small bar can get pretty crowded as usually there is a birthday, a snorkel test or something else to celebrate!

- Ned Kellys
Just 2 doors from The Irish Embassy and originally an Australian bar (Jackaroos), this bar is now run by Tony, an Irishman, who thought they needed to go for a name change and the bar has certainly got a lot busier. Tony's wife (May) cooks the most fabulous Thai food and often they have BBQ nights.


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- Lanta Seafood:
Probably the most famous restaurant on the island and certainly the most popular with both the local Thai population and tourists. Their pier overlooks the channel between the two islands and is in the heart of Saladan (opposite Blue Planet Divers). Serves great Thai food at amazing prices and delicious BBQ.

- Catfish:
Small restaurant in Saladan Town. Offers a variety of Thai dishes as well as an International menu. Yummy milkshakes and delicious falafel make this a great place for lunch. The also stock a great selection of second-hand books, and accept book exchanges.

- Ling Uan (Fat Monkey):
A great cocktail bar and restaurant, specials include burgers, pasta and Thai food (they let you choose how spicy!). Sit at the bar and join the locals, or have a intimate dinner in the restaurant. The bar is on the main road out of Saladan, about half way down Klong Dao Beach.

- Corner Bar:
Recently moved from Saladan to Klong Dao, Marissa's cafe has great shakes, coffee and perfect for lunch.
- Red Snapper :
In the heart of Phrae Ae (Long Beach) village just past 7/Eleven, this restaurant is a must for a special occasion. Based in a jungle setting this restaurant offers top quality Western food including fabulous steak and Tapas.

- Mr Wee:
Road side restaurant on Long Beach, just before Red Snapper. Specialty of the house is thin crust Pizza – exceptionally good.

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The average temperature year-round is 27-33 degrees Celsius/81-91 degrees Fahrenheit. From May through September, the monsoon brings strong rains – however, the rains start and stop with sunny periods in between. From mid-October until April, you can expect low humidity and cool breezes in the evenings.

The temperature is very agreeable; hovering around 28°C all year!

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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide
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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide